Capo derives from casual portraits, meaning portraits beeing taken unceremoniously in the city-centre, in the park, in front of a certain shop …

I would like to capture beauty in everyday life, to picture it.

So possibly I ask you, if you are up to a spontanious shooting or you contact me, demanding an appointment. Certainly, that’s possible, too.


free photos

Photos will be taken on the basis of a tfp-contract.

TfP is a term out of  the photographer- and Model-universe. It’s an arrangement, that shooting is free for both Photographer and Model, both giving their time for the photographs to be.

So that’s Time for Prints.

We both sign a short contract form  download here , allowing both parties the usage of photographs for promotional purposes, e.g. your website, Facebook or Instagram. Your images will not be sold or given to others.

Once you send back the contract with your filled-in data and signature to capobella.de, it will be sent back to you with my signature, too.

Within a few days I will develop the raw-files to jpg-Photographs and will send you a secured (password-protected)  download-link. A second Email will follow, containing your password, allowing you to download your images wihout any fee from a malware-free german webspace.



If you choose that option, I can upload one ore a few of your photographs onto the platform of an online Model-Agency.

You can tell me within the contract, wether you would like me to add your name or not and if you got an own website or Agency-sedcard, I can link your photographs to your own data.